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Reorder at Same Price Policy

The best advantage of a large quantity order is the low cost of the higher volume price break. After an initial order is placed, the need often arises to reorder substantially less of the same design for a second order. Most companies will charge based on the total quantity regardless if a larger order had been previously placed, which could make your reorder much more expensive!


At Metter Graphics, select circumstances allow you to place a smaller quantity reorder at the same price as your original order. This can be a huge benefit to your company, school, group, or organization when planning for an event.


However, some requirements must be met for this policy to be valid:


Screen Print Orders Only

Promotional products may be reordered, but each item has their own separate policy in regards to their reorder price.

Screen Print Minimum Reorder Quantity

Reorders must be at least 24 pieces to receive same pricing as original order.

Reorder Time Limits

Reorder must be placed within 14 days of original order for same pricing to apply.


What factors affect price?


Type of Garment – High quality shirts, such as Organics, are more expensive than most basic brands like Gildan and Jerzees.

Color of Garment – White shirts are always the least expensive because they do not go through a dyeing process like a purple, pink, or navy tee does. Heathers, which include all grays, are less expensive than the rest of the color spectrum (excluding white).


Number of Design Locations (Front, Back, Sleeves) – A shirt printed with a front design is cheaper than a shirt with print on the front and back. Therefore, the more locations you choose for printing, the more the final product will cost. Also, names and numbers are cut out of vinyl. This material is naturally more expensive and will increase the price of your tee.


Number of Colors per Location – Using fewer colors means using fewer inks and using fewer inks lowers the price. For example, a shirt with a one color front costs less than a shirt with a two color front, and a shirt with a two color front costs less than a shirt with a three color front (and so on and so on all the way up to six colors, which is our max).


Quantity of Shirts – Simply stated, the more garments in your order, the lower the price per garment. This is because the costs of printing and artwork are spread out across the number of garments in your order (so Price per Shirt = Costs of Printing and Artwork divided by the Number of Garments). As a result, the more you buy the more you’ll save.

What if I place an order and then need to cancel?


After you give the final artwork approval, we will not accept any cancellations. However, if cancellation is requested before final approval, you will be responsible for a $25 artwork fee and a 20% garment restocking fee of the order total prior to any applied discounts.

What is screen printing?


Screen-printing is a technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink blocking stencil. The stencil forms open areas of mesh based on your design. The number of screens (stencils) for any design is based on the number of ink colors in your design. To screenprint a tee, the screen is pressed directly to the garment. Next, the ink is transferred onto the garment through the screen by a squeegee that moves across the stencil. This forces ink past the threads of the open areas of the screen and onto the garment. After the shirt is printed, it is placed in an oven and baked at 322 degrees. This makes your image “stick.”

Why can’t I see a real life mock-up before I pay?


Screen-printing is a manual, labor-intensive process. Unfortunately, due to time and cost, it’s not possible to create a real-life, physical mockup for orders. However, we will send you an electronic proof or a paper printed proof for your approval before printing your order.


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